Eco Print a unique Silk Scarf

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Eco-print (or close-contact printing) is a process that uses leaves and other vegetable matter along with paper, silk, wool or cotton to create beautiful prints. Eco-printed materials can be worn or developed into a range of artistic expressions.

What will we cover?

In this interactive and hands on two-part workshop:

Week 1 – Learn the basic method of Eco-print and experiment with Eco-printing different materials (paper and silk). Please bring your journal to make notes, and your curiosity!

Week 2 – Take time to unravel your eco-print bundles, noticing the outcomes of your experiments and creating responses through visual art, journaling, clay work or photography.

Basic materials will be provided. You are welcome to contribute natural materials including: onion skins, purple cabbage, purple carrot, and/or eucalyptus, rose, plum, maple leaves, etc.


Who will be teaching?Michelle Morgan bio

Michelle Morgan delights in sharing the modality of eco-print with others. As a Registered Arts Therapist, Community Singing Facilitator, and Researcher/Project Officer in the area of Spiritual Care, she is passionate about creating fun, gentle and supportive spaces that allow people to create, reflect and find insight through a range of arts modalities. You can find out more about her programs, Arts Immersion and SpiritSong, or connect with her on Facebook