Enrich your Dog’s Life with Harriet (Online)

This class has passed
This class has passed

The terms ‘enrichment’ and ‘mental stimulation’ have become more commonplace in the dog world, but what do they really mean? 

Providing species appropriate outlets for your dog can make them happier, healthier and much easier to live with. 

It can also help you understand what makes your dog tick and how to build an even better relationship with them.

What will we cover?

During this workshop you will:

– Discover what enrichment means and why it’s important
– Learn how dogs perceive the world around them and process information
– Understand how the wrong activities can negatively impact your dog and what to try instead
– Explore the impact of breed on the types of activities a dog may benefit from
– Come away with a variety of different activities to try with your dog


    • Closed Captions
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    • Auslan Interpreted Upon Request

        Who will be teaching? 

        Harriet (she/her( is dog crazy and has worked for many years in Europe and Australia as a dog trainer and behaviourist.

        She works with individuals, families and rescues to create happy and healthy outcomes for her two and four legged clients. She believes working with animals should always be fun, respectful and focused on great relationships rather than tricks and commands. You can find out more on her website All Dogs Are Good.

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