Essential Oils Blending Basics

This class has passed
This class has passed

What is it all about?

Essential oils are the pure and potent “essence” of plants. They have been used for thousands of years for everything from embalming, bathing, flavouring, perfumery and holistic healing. In this workshop we will be specifically learning about essential oils for fragrance, perfumery and aromatic enjoyment. Magic smells!

What will we cover?

With noses poised and hands ready for action, this practical class will teach you:

  • fragrance families
  • top, middle, base
  • formulating a blend
  • how to store and use essential oils
  • essential oil safety
  • essential oil sustainability
  • synthetic or “fragrance” oils (what’s the difference?)
  • how to select quality oils and where to buy them
  • loads of resources including videos, links, a variety of oils to play with on the day
  • recipes, discussions and demonstrations of how to use your blend including diffusing, linen sprays, perfume, botanicals and perfume balms
  • oh and of course there will be a fantastic take home product or two made by your own fair hands

Who will be teaching it?

ShannyLabIIThe Green Genie (aka Shan) has an eco micro business and leads a community of over 800 online peeps – promoting her green wares and sharing eco ideas. A green thinker-liver-do’er, container gardener, seed saver, food forager, enthusiastic recycler, volunteer, animal lover and climate activist. You’re in good hands when the Green Genie gets an opportunity to chew your ears off (yes, most likely both) on how to approach a fresh, green, affordable and sustainable life-path.