The Essential Writing Workout

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Many of us spend a lot of time focusing on physical health and fitness. But we forget that our brains need exercise too – after all, it is often our thoughts that determine our actions, so it’s best to make them positive!

This class is a workout for the mind through a series of writing exercises.

The art of writing with a pen is often lost in our digital world. However, there is something powerful about putting pen to paper. It helps clarify our ideas and encourages a deeper sense of purpose and identity.

We will learn to harness the power of words and understand how writing things down can help unlock our creative potential.

What will we cover?

This class will be like a physical workout with a personal trainer but tailored for your brain. The writing exercises will be structured like mental cardio/strength repetitions and stretches.

The exercises will uncover:

  • The power of alliteration
  • The strength in quotes
  • Our unique abilities, skills, talents
  • Our individual passions and interests
  • How to use writing as a powerful tool to create a positive mindset

This interactive workshop will motivate you to use the written word and how it can impact the way you think, feel and behave. Please bring a notebook or something that you enjoy writing in and be ready to leave feeling energised, and with your notebook full of positive and empowering words to reflect on.

Who will be teaching?

Eira profile picture

Eira Joy Aringay is a writer, musician and creative entrepreneur. After a decade working in the commercial media and marketing industries, Eira left the corporate world to find more meaningful work and further explore her passions for writing and music. With experience across various communication roles throughout her career, Eira soon realised just how much of an impact words have in our professional and personal lives. It then became her goal to help people harness their creativity through the power of words to unlock purpose and find fulfilment. Keep up with Eira and her latest projects here