Ethical Consumption: Be a Daily Do-Gooder

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Sustainability is where people, the environment and economics meet.

As consumers we all want to make good sustainable choices, but the quality and value should be great too. Did you know that the cheapest option is not always the worst for the environment? Did you know that you can buy beautiful designer products that empower disadvantaged people? There is a lot of info out there and many environmental terms are technical and confusing. This class will teach you about the “good stuff” to buy with a few simple guidelines.

What will we cover?

These takeaway tips will help you make small but meaningful changes in your consumer habits by arming you with killer resources that will empower you to buy part of the solution and consume ethically.

  • Understanding sustainability,
  • The product lifecycle explained,
  • What’s hot and what’s not (good product choices),
  • The power of our dollars,
  • Tips for being a do-gooder just by shopping.

Who will be teaching?

unnamed-1Georgina Lewis is a product designer with a passion for stuff that the world actually needs. This is her website: She has worked across the manufacturing and retail industries for over ten years so knows the realities of designer product manufacture. Georgina also designs and makes furniture and lighting under the brand Olio Objects Design.