Extra Terrestrials: What Does Science Say?

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

We have all heard about Aliens and visitation through the ages, but now we are more advanced in our knowledge what does Science have to say on this subject?

This will be an unbiased view using conventional Physics to unravel the web of mystery surrounding their existence, and their ability to visit us here on Earth. You will also get some tips on what you should do in case of a close encounter and what science can offer as possible protective measures.

What will we cover?

Cosmology: What is required for life to exist on another world?

Life: The difficult path to Advanced Life.

Acceleration: gForce and why this is important to know.

Distances: The between worlds and propulsion systems needed.

And… a hypothetical discussion on possible Alien technology and protective measures.

Who will be teaching it?

Anthony Russo, currently the Director of ICT at OUA, was a Technical Specialist in Materials Science at Applied Physics Department at RMIT for over 7 years. His experiences can be boiled down into a simple rule: “Science is based in logic and true analytical analysis. Scientific theory is only limited by your imagination but must always be linked back to fundamental laws and/or have experimentally repeatable outcomes.”