Find your Flow – An Intro to Mindful Movement

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

As human-beings, we are overworked, tired and pretty damn stressed most of our waking hours.

Mindful movement allows us to exercise our minds, like the muscles in our bodies, it too, needs to exercise and be challenged in order to grow (quite literally!)

What will we cover?

We will be practising super simple strategies to manage life’s up and downs in a practical and proactive manner.

Beginning with the workshop allows participants to really grasp the concept of meditation which will encourage them to  continue their practise. Strengthening their resilience, grit and determination which in turn will carry over into their physical training.

Participants receive ‘Find your Flow’ booklet and gain access to some online meditations to ensure practise continues both on and off the mat.  Consistency is key!

Who will be teaching?

A former meditation sceptic, Angie very quickly realised that her anxiety was becoming increasingly manageable the more she sat and turned her awareness to observing and paying attention to her breath and body. Angie immersed herself in the practise and various forms of teachings, until she finally felt ready to take her practise off the mat and into the lives of others, feeling funky fresh, she decided to share this 3000 year old tradition with the world and now teaches online and all over Melbourne! Find her on Instagram and Facebook.