Flavour Erupting Arancini

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever wished that you could make your own arancini? This is the perfect chance!

The arancino is considered to be the Sicilian rotisserie’s most traditional product. It is a fried rice ball, with a diameter of 8-10 cm, usually stuffed with tomato sauce (sugo), cheese, peas and veal. However, the fillings can be varied to include (or exclude) almost anything! Sounds good enough to eat doesn’t it?

What will we cover?

In the class we will learn all about the traditions and history surrounding the arancini as well as how to make the balls ourselves. Funnily enough in one side of Sicily they are round but for those on the east the “ArancinO” evokes the Etna Volcano, seen as a landmark of the city and sometimes nostalgic for travellers!

…that sounds much more fun! Let’s create our volcanoes!

We’ll use a vegetarian recipe that can be easily adapted to become vegan or include meat depending on your preferences.

Who will be teaching?

Daniela was born under the stunning Sicily sunshine in Italy and enjoyed it until 5 years ago when her thirst for experiencing new culture, different landscapes and new food turned her to travelling. She really began to love cooking as a teenager, always following her mum in the kitchen and cooking with her. Slowly she learned her culinary traditions and now passionately spreads them around the world as a hobby.