Forget Overthinking! Get Re-Thinking

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Rethinking it, this session is about being proactive in your thoughts; actively thinking about what you are saying, how you talk to yourself and others about yourself. How you talk and think influences your perspective and the choices you make. Instead of reinforcing negative thoughts and words we are going to use this theme of being proactive with your thinking to flip the negative enforcement. In this session we use interactive, interesting experiential exercises to gain insight and focus.

What will we cover?

We all have a story and examples of ways we have managed situations in our life, and may have wished afterwards that a situation ended differently.
Are you always telling yourself you cannot do something? Or wondering why you did that? Or said that? Together, we will explore how to rethink these burning questions!

Experiential exercises are for you to relax into and enjoy, they are not a test and again there is no right or wrong just different ways of relating – what is offered here for you is the chance to see, hear or say things in another way, creating curiosity and ability to focus and rethink.

The experiential exercises give your mind a chance to re-boot, similar to when you have a problem and you go to sleep and wake up knowing the answer.
Through this session you will be able to give comment to any experiences, and at the end we will revise what was different.

sherridan greenWho will be teaching?

Sherridan Green is a student of philosophy of the last 30 years, attending the School of Philosophy in Melbourne and the School of Continental Philosophy and has an Advanced Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapy. Sherridan has a lifetime of experience in attempting to Rethink it! Rethinking It, is an idea from “Keys for Thinking” that combines philosophy and gestalt psychotherapy for you to have more awareness of your thoughts and how they direct your life.