Upcycled Handwoven Necklaces

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Who needs tools when you can make beautiful handwoven necklaces with just your fingers! In this class, we will learn four different ways to weave using our hands and fabric yarn, made out of recycled t-shirt fabric, which is very stretchy and soft. With these techniques you can also do belts, straps, key-rings and more.

What will we cover?

  • Finger knitting with two fingers and how you can scale up to four,
  • How to make a two-strand cord, funnily known in Spain as Nun’s cords,
  • Braiding with four strands of yarn,
  • How to make a knot statement necklace, and
  • Different ways of finishing your necklaces.

Who will be teaching?

Maria YebraMaria Yebra has crafted many cute and weird things in her life from fox hoodies to bias tape planters, wax skulls and cat rings. She loves to upcycle and has an extensive collection of loved “junk” she plans to turn into something useful one day.

In addition to crafting, she also has a passion for cooking and baking, light painting, Spanish shoes and running Laneway Learning.