Fun with French: Let’s Do Frunch!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

This is all about having fun with French and learning some basics!

Here’s the challenge: Many people know a bit of French somehow through school, travel, popular culture and the fact that many English words have a French origin. So what would happen if, together with regular clues and hints, you teamed up with some new found friends and put on your detective hats to discover a popular French song?

We’re going to play with the French language to unravel the meaning of a song and discover its place in French culture. Hopefully you’ll learn a bit of French along the way in a fun and unique fashion too! So let’s do Frunch!

What will we cover?

This class will having you learning French with a serious difference. No ‘repeat after me’ or counting from one to ten. Instead, we’re going to play with a popular song to uncover words and discover meaning.

The song has been selected; it’s nostalgic and tender, little known overseas but deeply loved by French people. No, we’re not telling which one it is! Now, we are going to play a game to pick out words and slowly unravel the song’s meaning, learning French words and culture along the way.

In this fun workshop you’ll learn some French words and expressions. You don’t need any prior knowledge to attend. You’ll also acquaint yourself with some aspects of the French culture.

Who will be teaching?

Pascale is from France and is very excited to share some of the culture that she grew up. She’s passionate about using the fun and the power of collaborative learning to get us there.