Gender, Sexual Orientation and Beyond

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

What do intersex, pansexual and cis-male mean?  Most people think about gender and sexual-orientation in terms of ‘male’ or ‘female’, ‘gay’ or ‘hetero’, but there is so much more to explore!  We are here to make sense of the captivating complexity of bodily diversity, gender identity and sexual orientation.

History, culture and politics have provided us with a narrow point of view and strict definitions of these concepts. In this class we will delve into these ideas in a new light – no taboos, only a fresh perspective!

What will we cover?

We will hear our teachers’ fascinating life stories about their journey to discover various aspects of their identity, as well as their important work in the LGBTQI community (don’t worry – we will explain what LGBTQI means too!). We will make sense of terminology and learn respectful and appropriate language to use around this topic (is it OK to call someone queer?). There will be plenty of time for lively discussions and controversial questions. We guarantee you will start thinking about things in a new way!

Who will be teaching?

js picSally Goldner’s seventeen years of involvement in Victoria’s queer community includes TransGender Victoria (now Executive Director), presenter of 3CR Radio’s “Out of the Pan” and Bisexual Alliance Victoria. She is a life member of Seahorse Club of Victoria, Polyvic, Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby and Zoe Belle Gender Centre.

Jacob Thomas is the current Chief Operating Officer at It Gets Better Australia and New Zealand and also sits on the Board of Directors. Well-known in Australia in the areas of human rights, LQBTIQ rights and gender equality, Jacob is an unstoppable force in forging a path for others and creating change. Jacob’s life’s work is dedicated to letting others know it can get better.