Biomimicry: Patterns Inspired Nature

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Nature is full of beauty, pattern and symmetry, and we’re going on an adventure into the living rhythms, forms and numbers that it holds!

Get a creative introduction to the language and symbolism of geometry, and a different perspective on our relationship with the natural world.

What will we cover?

In this class we will get a little bit creative and will mix art with nature and maths!

Explore the beauty of nature expressed by its hidden (and sometimes not so hidden!) geometry, and the ways we are inspired and respond to this beauty through art, science and philosophy.

By looking at nature and its geometry, we can discover the universal language of geometry – the unfolding of number in space, pattern and symmetry. We will then use this to explore growth in nature, including the ‘golden proportion’ and other essential principles.

Get a practical and philosophical approach to our response to the beauty of geometry in nature and how that has inspired famous works of art and architecture. You’ll walk away with your own geometric patterns based on what you see in nature.

Who will be teaching?

Dr Melissa Marot is a neuropsychologist and biologist. An enduring interest in the fundamental principles of philosophy, geometry and music has led to many years of exploring geometry in nature, art and architecture both here in Australia and overseas.