Get Corny: Make Your Own Tortillas

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

If you are fascinated by tacos and Mexican food, here’s the perfect way to start: make your own tortillas! It’s easy and delicious, plus you can brag about it to your friends. Forget oysters, the world is your tortilla!

What will we cover?

  • Where does corn come from: its significance and relevance in pre-Hispanic Latin American cultures.
  • How to make your own tortillas: ingredient introduction (Spanish vocabulary), audience participation (volunteers to prepare their own masa ball, press it, make the tortilla, mind it on the comal and then eat it).
  • Ideas for tortilla fillings and a quick taco/salsa recipe.

Who will be teaching?

“Las Tres” is a trio of Latin American women in love with their culture. Their aim is to create meaningful connections between cultures by generating unforgettable experiences. Ali, Gisele and Lela believe that understanding equals learning, hence their profound interest in sharing and teaching. Their backgrounds in literature, film, theatre and design give them a poetic and visual approach to the smallest details, revealing the absolutely extraordinary in what’s usually considered simply… ordinary.

Ali Villaseñor is a Mexican graphic designer who has lived and worked in several countries with distinct design aesthetics, fueling her love for design of colour, pattern, and type. And has also given her a chance to promote and share her beloved culture, food and language. In her latest project: Taquito Adorado, she has partnered with another Mexican designer to create a recipe card set with 10 delicious taco recipes that you can find in