Mexican Wrestling: The Myth Behind the Mask

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Part athletic superhero, part clownish entertainer, the Mexican wrestler or luchador is no doubt a mythical figure. If you have ever wondered whether their impressive moves are the real deal, are curious about why they pair masks with tights, or simply want to learn more about the unique world of lucha libre, this class is for you!

What will we cover?

  • Mexican Wrestling 101: when, where and how did lucha libre start; anatomy of a match, live vs. televised matches, audiences and fans’ reactions, whom to barrack for and why: rudos or técnicos, who are/were some of the most iconic wrestlers, trivia.
  • Getting in the Mood: Screening of a short-yet-representative clip from a lucha film, followed by some footage of a live match.
  • Make Your Own Wrestler: Decide on your type of luchador, discuss his/her powers and attributes, design and make the mask/outfit worthy of your new own personal hero.

Who will be teaching?

“Las Tres” is a trio of Latin American women in love with their culture. Their aim is to create meaningful connections between cultures by generating unforgettable experiences. Ali, Gisele and Lela believe that understanding equals learning, hence their profound interest in sharing and teaching. Their backgrounds in literature, film, theatre and design give them a poetic and visual approach to the smallest details, revealing the absolutely extraordinary in what’s usually considered simply… ordinary.

Gabriela ‘Lela’ Alvarez first went to D.F. seven years ago and it was love at first sight. She has been teasingly called a “Mexican wannabe” —but prefers the more respectable “Mexicophile”— and is currently writing a dissertation on contemporary Mexican cinema in the hopes of being granted honorary citizenship.