Gin Tasting Tour (Through History) with Simon

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Come on a journey tracing the history of gin through the ages from the 16th century to present day.  Learn about gin’s role in the Dutch army, British navy, colonisation, destruction of London citizens, the golden era of classic cocktails and much more!  There’ll be a few cheeky tastings to bring these stories to life.

What will we cover?

You will learn about:

  • The history surrounding juniper infused spirits as it gains popularity and moves across Holland, England, India and America.

  • The historical figures, moments in history, countries and legends that lead us to today’s gin landscape.

  • How different types of gin came into existence and their evolution.

  • How they taste! (Including a Christmas Gin)

Who will be teaching?

Simon began adult life disliking alcohol in all forms after repeated unsuccessful attempts to be friends with beer, rum/coke and tequila sunrises.  But a chance encounter with a vodka, lime and soda was his gateway drink into a classic daiquiri at the famed cocktail bar Der Raum.  Since then Simon become an avid barfly visiting cocktail bars around the world in Europe, America, Asia, NZ and Australia as well as being good friends with gin, rum, whiskey and wheat beers.  More recently Simon has been creating at-home cocktail experiences and teaching friends to make tasty drinks all around the world whether it’s a Melbourne balcony, a villa in Tuscany, an apartment in Paris or on a sailing boat in San Francisco Bay.