The Ideology Smackdown: Globalism vs Localism

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

The unexpected rise of Donald Trump to power brought a number of formerly fringe issues into the spotlight, and the debate between globalism and localism present the greatest consequences for the world by far.

Should we continue the grand march towards a global community, swapping our sovereignty for increased trade, tourism and cultural exchange? Or should we keep our borders strong, protecting our control over out nation, culture and economy instead?

Is the risk of handing control to multinational groups worth the benefits? And if we choose to isolate ourselves, will we be left behind by those that don’t? Should our culture be preserved or combined with others?

And who has the right to decide? Why you do of course!

What will we cover?

Using ethical frameworks participants of both sides will explore both their own positions and those of their opponents.

Learn how that opposition is possible, and work together to determine what the truth of the matter is.

Our final class will pit globalists against the nationalists; come stake your claim in the Ideological Smackdown!

Who will be teaching?

Gordon Young is a professional ethicist and environmental consultant. He is a lecturer in Professional Ethics at RMIT, Principle at Ethilogical Consulting and writer at, where he explores a new topic each week.