Good Vibe Notes!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Are you keen to tell your friend or loved-one how special you reckon they are, but not sure where to begin? Come and share a bunch of doodling templates to inspire the sweet and playful you!

What will we cover?

  • Make a bunch of hand-drawn notes for your friends and loved-ones using a collection of easy doodling templates.
  • Fill out a Fortune Cookie poster for a friend, with cute notes for them to rip off when they need some good vibes.
  • Chat about other fun ways to surprise and delight the people you love. Extra ideas for you to try at home!

These small “just because I was thinking of you” gestures can mean so much. And by making THEM feel good, it makes YOU feel good, so good vibes all round.

Who will be teaching?

LisaLisa Currie loves playful ideas and creative people. She’s the author of “The Scribble Diary” (Penguin 2012) a doodling activity book to inspire self-reflection. Her new book “Me, You, U”s (June this year) is to fill out together with your friends. She’s also ringleader of The Scribble Project where she interviews artists and doodlers using hand-drawn prompts. Find her on instagram! @scribblediary