Green Cleaning: Fun, Fresh and Cheap!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ordinary cleaning is a chore, a bore and a snore … well not anymore! (Yes, I went there, deal with it) Green cleaning is: more economical, more sustainable, equally effective (and we have that on good authority), almost embarrassingly easy and dare I say… just a wee bit fun.

Bedazzle your friends and smugly shame your neighbours as everyone who enters your home becomes mesmerised by the gleaming surfaces and fresh, natural aromas of green cleaning! (That incidentally took you no extra time and no extra effort – TRUE DAT.)

What will we cover?

If you clean, do it green.

Together we journey through a land of eco options for every surface and problem, including mould, a very basic explanation of acids, bases, detergents and antimicrobial agents – the what to use, and why and when and how. Apply your new knowledge to the home, office, car and airspace so everything in your life is outrageously sparkling and sanitised, and didn’t cost the earth (if ya know what I mean!).

  • An introduction into the world of soap nuts (yes, we’re nuts for soap nuts, they’re a staple in our GC arsenal)
  • What you need (outside all the goodies you will take home of course) – P.S. ALL VERY ACCESSIBLE & CHEAP
  • Recipes and how-to’s for all the standard cleaning jobs
  • Quick guide to green-washing
  • How it all works (a little bit of geek speak for those that gotta know)
  • Make stuff to take home (either a multi-purpose bench spray or natural laundry detergent, you decide)

Who will be teaching?


The Green Genie (aka Shan) has an eco micro business and leads a community of over 800 online peeps – promoting her green wares and sharing eco ideas. A green thinker-liver-do’er, container gardener, seed saver, food forager, enthusiastic recycler, volunteer, animal lover and climate activist. You’re in good hands when the Green Genie gets an opportunity to chew your ears off (yes, most likely both) on how to approach a fresh, green, affordable and sustainable life-path.