Grifting: How To Become A Professional Con Artist

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Learn the complete history of the swindler and pick up a few simple scams to trick your friends with.

What will we cover?

Who was the first ever confidence man? How accurate are movies like Catch Me If You Can and The Sting? What goes on in the human brain that makes us so gullible? Do people seriously fall for those Nigerian Prince emails? Dive head first into the world of grifting and the professional con artist and find out what makes them tick. Plus learn some basic scams to swindle your nearest and dearest.

Who will be teaching?

nickjohnsonNicholas J. Johnson knows scams. After decades of rubbing shoulders with fraudsters and liars, he now works as an entertainer, author and consultant, educating the public about the tricks of the con artist’s trade. He is author of two novels: Chasing the Ace and Fast & Loose. Find out more at his website