Not Shoe Shuffle: Tap Dancing Without the Shoes

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

When the urge to tap dance strikes, don’t let the lack of tap shoes stop you! This class is all about the tops hats but no taps. Back in the early 1900s, vaudeville shows featured tap dancers shuffling around the stage in soft soled shoes, giving birth to the style “Soft Shoe Shuffle”. Drawing on this, and from the musicals with likes of Gene Kelly and Fred Astair, we’ll be diving into the world of jazz-inspired tap dancing. So, put on the Ritz and time-step down to shuffle your way into the world of tap.

What will we cover?

We’ll start of with a basic warm up to get your feet and ankles ready work. You’ll then learn the basic foundation movements of how to move and use your feet before moving onto some basic tap steps. Once we’ve masters the basics, we’ll put them into a routine to some good old jazz tunes to have you stamping, shuffling and sliding your way around the floor.

Who will be teaching?

Liz is an IT professional by day, but has followed her love of dance since the age of 7 when it began with ballet. One style not being enough, Liz branched out into Ballroom, Hip Hop and Jazz (to name a few), in which she taught for 7 years before taking a break to travel the world – which of course, included trying many local dance styles along the way.

Now back and settled in Australia, the dance bug has bitten once again and Liz is eager to share her love of dance and having fun with others.