Your Guide to Skincare Pampering: Korean Style!

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

How often do you pamper yourself? Do you want to have better skin? Never heard of Korean cosmetics?

If you would like to give your face some love, you should try Korean cosmetics. Korea is famous for its high quality products, from basic skincare to make-up. We will be learning how to give ourselves a good pampering, Korean style, with some very simple but very effective techniques!

What will we cover?

We will start by taking some time to understand different products and why we should use them for beauty. Then, we will learn how to use each skincare and make-up product from scratch!

After a few demonstrations, we will try each Korean beauty product ourselves, from cleansing to facial cream to a full-on facial mask! We’ll even finish with a simple facial massage – how relaxing!

Come along and enjoy pampering time with Korean cosmetics!

Who will be teaching?

Rachel ChungRachel Chung is professional Image Consultant and Health Coach. She focuses on helping people to find out their best image. She has coached people for diet, personal training and nutrition plans as well as consulting people in beauty areas such as skin, body and personal styling. She is the co-founder of Essence by Rachel Chung, specialising in fashion, beauty and health. Recently, she launched Essence Korean Cosmetics, which specialises in Korean beauty items.