Harmonise Your Flow: Menstrual Tracking to Reduce Overwhelm with Christie (Online)

This class has passed
This class has passed

Many people who menstruate, or who used to, experience strong dips in energy levels based on phases of their cycle. Energy and symptoms can vary month-to-month but by tracking our cycles and growing our menstrual awareness, we can start to see longer-term patterns in our experiences of energy and depletion.  

So what if we used cycle tracking and menstrual awareness to get the most out of our months by working with, not against, our cycles and helping us manage overwhelm.

This workshop is a fun and practical exploration of the intersection of menstrual cycle awareness, energy and productivity.

This class is for everyone, whether you have or had a menstrual cycle, support people who do, or you just want to learn.

What will we cover?

Together during the class we will explore:

  • What periods have to do with productivity
  • How the natural rhythm of your body affects your energy
  • How to use your cycle to rest guilt-free and work smarter (not harder)
  • How to tap into the framework coded inside your body to channel your energy and creative power.

What will you need?

  • Notebook and pen
  • The date of you last period (if possible)


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Who will be teaching?

Christie Flora (she/her) is a passionate Time Trainer on a mission to eliminate overwhelm. She gives people tools and techniques to find more space, success and enjoyment in their every day. Christie loves taking complex concepts and breaking them down into simple, easy parts. Since becoming aware and training in Menstrual Cycle Awareness Christie has become obsessed with this productivity game changer. You can find out more over at her website:

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