I Hear You, But Am I Really Listening?

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

We exist in a world that is simultaneously stimulating and distracting, making it hard to stay focused on a task, let alone a conversation.

In terms of providing support for another, negotiating a tricky situation or learning new things, listening is our greatest asset. But how do you know you’re doing it and what is it like for someone else when you’re not? If you’ve been told ‘You never listen!’ or ‘You’re not listening to me!’, this class is probably for you.

What we will cover?

Rather than being told that you should listen more, you’ll be the co-creators of your own learning experience. You’ll hear about (or is that listen to?) the science of listening.

We are going to experience the power of listening through practice and deepen our learning and understanding of the skills involved in listening and the barriers to listening. Don’t be surprised if you’re told that you’re such a good listener at some point after the class.

Who will be teaching?

NathalieNathalie comes with diverse knowledge, skills and experience as a scientist, health communicator, group meditation and training facilitator among many other things. She spends her time bridging science and spirituality in healthcare settings to promote self-care, professional resilience, burnout prevention and of course, listening. She enjoys a good bagel and coffee, and barracks for the Toronto Maple Leafs as she knows nothing about footy.