Hiking 101

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Whether you’ve yet to start on your hiking adventures or you want to take it to the next level with overnight hikes, this class will help you ask the right questions when buying your gear, avoid the common mistakes of beginner hikers, and learn about some of the best hiking destinations for beginner-hikes in Victoria.

What we will cover?

In this class we’ll go through the basic kit you need for a beginner-level day and overnight hike, discuss where to buy your gear, where and how to meet other hikers, good camping etiquette and basic hiker safety, and identify some good easy trails to get started on.

I’ll bring along the gear I use and explain how and why I use it. We’ll cover how to choose a pack, sleeping mat and sleeping bag, and you can ask questions about,  and share your own tips and hiker-hacks with your classmates. There’s no right or wrong answers, just a variety of opinions, which we’ll uncover throughout the class.

Who will be teaching?

Mel is the founder and operator of Urban Hiking, a tour company that helps visitors and locals ‘see Melbourne differently’ by taking them off the tourist trails and into some of our amazing urban parks and waterways. After working in state government for the past seven years, most recently at Parks Victoria, Mel has a good knowledge of places to hike and camp around the state.

An avid day hiker, Mel only got into multi-day hiking relatively recently and remembers some of the barriers to taking the leap into more serious hikes. Passionate about getting people outdoors and into nature, Mel is excited to share her own hints, tips and experiences to make that leap easier for you.

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