​How to Pickle Your Own Olives

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Talk a walk through any Melbourne suburb and you’ll see olive trees. Ever wished you could preserve your own?

In this hands-on workshop you will pickle your own olives during this session, and learn how easy (and impressive) it is! Add any flavour or spices that you love!

What will we cover?

​You will make your own unique jar of pickled olives during the class using our prepared olives and flavouring available on the night. Learn how to prepare olives for pickling (a process of washing and soaking in brine and vinegar), how to flavour and spice olives and finally how to jar them in great and fun ways.

You’ll take your jar home to enjoy with friends, or by yourself!

Who will be teaching?

​Ruan de Witt grew up on an olive grove in South Africa. One of his earliest memories is of his father walking with him through the grove and playing a practical joke on him and having him eat an olive straight from a tree (hint: YUK!). Growing up, Ruan would prepare olives seasonally with his family and grew up to love the process as much as the product.