How Successful Minds Work

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Would you like to have more success in your life? Have you wondered what successful people have in common? Come along to this thought provoking interactive workshop that will teach you how successful people think. You will learn how to think more like successful people do so you can have more success in your life (you deserve it).

What will we cover?

We will reflect on what ‘success’ means to us and then how we can change our mindset to facilitate growth and success in our lives. We will explore the dimensions of a growth mindset including the belief that intelligence can be developed, embracing challenges, persistence, learning from criticism and finding inspiration in others. Through scenarios and group discussions, we’ll develop an understanding of the mindset that unites successful people and better understanding about how we can implement this mindset into our own lives.

Who will be teaching?

carmenWhat’s more important than happiness? Nothing! Ever since Carmen has come to this realisation she has reviewed the extensive literature to identify practical evidence based strategies that actually work. Implementing these strategies has enabled her to feel more joy and face challenges head on. Sharing these insights with others, so that they can lead happier lives is her passion. When you meet Carmen she will not ask “What do you do?”, but instead “What excites you?’ so be prepared. Carmen is the Director of