How to Achieve a Fulfilling Career and Love your Mondays with John (Online)

This class has passed
This class has passed

Do you love Monday mornings or dread them?

Let’s face it, we all desire a career that gives us a sense fulfillment, purpose and satisfaction. We want to be recognised for our expertise and value as well as being financially rewarded at the level we truly deserve.

Unfortunately, many people get stuck in jobs far below their capability, with salaries much less than what they really should be on. Too often they lack clarity in direction and end up drifting or stagnating, which ultimately leads to frustration, a lack of motivation, low self-confidence and unhappiness.

Here’s the great news through – you actually have much more control over your career than you may think!

Like an architect designs a house, you can strategically and consciously design your career too, one that gives you a sense of purpose, excitement, challenge and fulfillment.

What will we cover?

In this workshop, Johnathan will:

  • Share unique strategies and step-by-step techniques to help you take greater control over your career and how to consciously design it exactly the way you want to it be.
  • Help you shift your perception and the way you look at your career and then put together a strategy to help you get to where you want to go.
  • Look at how to declutter your mind and cut through the noise so you can get greater clarity and direction.
  • Do a bit of stock taking and examine your own Personal Brand and self-marketing strategy.
  • Johnathan’s unique coaching style and programmes has helped his clients grow their self-confidence, find greater purpose, happiness and clarity in their careers and enhance their overall professional wellbeing.

    Start your journey towards creating a fulfilling career, where you truly love Monday morning.

    What will I need?

    • Something to jot down ideas


    • Closed Captions 
    • Discounted Early Bird Tickets
    • Free Tickets for First Nations Attendees
    • Auslan Interpreter Upon Request

    Who will be teaching? 

    Johnathan (he/him) is a Senior Career Consultant who specialises in Career Management Strategies and Personal Branding.

    Over the last 8 years, he has worked with over 400 professionals across a range of industries to help them consciously and strategically design
    the career they truly desire

    Johnathan can help you find your professional ‘voice’ with proven strategies that enable you to design your career exactly the way you want it to be and feel more energised in your work than you ever thought possible

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