How to Have Better Ideas

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Sometimes it feels like all the good ideas have been had already. But where did all these good ideas come from? What does it mean to have a good idea in the digital age? And more importantly, how can we start to have better ideas right here and now?

Together, we’ll explore what makes ideas good and help each other to have more of those light bulb moments!

What will we cover?

Good ideas are all around us, but we’ll start with:

  • How ‘original’ does a good idea need to be?
  • Where do good ideas come from? Do they make us successful?
  • What can Picasso and Dali teach us about having good ideas in the digital age?
  • The worst ideas in our very recent history and ‘where are they now?’
  • Simple tips and activities to bring better ideas into our own lives!

Who will be teaching?

DanielDaniel is the Director of Plann Consulting and has delivered projects in Australia and the UK across many industries. He is passionate about inspiring change and knows how to make it happen. A trusted consultant, he uses practical tools and new ideas to deliver advice people value.

Daniel runs grass-roots leadership workshops and is the author of the plann blog. Follow Daniel on Twitter @danieljolles or via Facebook.