Improve Your Drawing

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Drawing is often seen as some kind of magic ability you’re born with. It’s not seen the same as any other skill, when in reality it’s no different. This class is all about dispelling these rumours, and providing a methodological guide for improving at art. Beginners and experienced people are both welcome, because drawing a lot over a long period of time doesn’t necessarily mean you’re actually good at it.

What will we cover?

The class will cover a broad range of things very briefly. It’s not meant to be a class where you learn the basics in detail; it’s where you will learn how to harness them for the most efficient results. There will be drawing activities designed to make you think differently about how you see the world around you. There will be additional hints and tips about how to critique your own artwork and examples on how much of a difference learning the basic art rules can make in your work over a short time frame.

Who will be teaching?

melargerRose Morgan is a freelance illustrator with ten years of professional experience. She primarily deals with macabre/fantasy themes and really adores creating her own creatures and worlds to explore. Her interest in science has been fuel behind her creative projects; world-building is a great passion of hers. She is constantly learning new things and exploring new mediums to add to her skill as an artist. You can see her work via her portfolio at