Improve Your Memory in Minutes

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it about?

Have you already forgotten your list of New Years resolutions by February? You’re not alone, many of us struggle to remember a new person’s name 5 minutes after being introduced, or forget where we left our keys and what we were supposed to buy from the shop.

But we also have that one friend who never forgets a face! And a few special people have phenomenal memories that seem to know no bounds.

Since 1991, competitors in the world memory championships have been achieving mind boggling feats of memory. For example, memorising 5040 binary digits or 884 randomly shuffled playing cards in just 30 minutes!

We’re going to learn from the great brains and discover how to enhance our memory using simple techniques.

What will we cover?

How do some people remember so much information, seemingly without effort? The secrets lie in the 2500 year old art of memory. And the great news is that starting to use these powerful techniques is incredibly easy!

In this interactive workshop you will get the tips and techniques to boost your memory and learn how to:

  • Remember names
  • Integrate memory tricks into your study
  • Trigger your memory at the right time (no more forgetting to make that important phone call)
  • Take your memory training further.

If you have flashbacks of stress and last minute studying at school, relax. These techniques are as fun as they are effective. In fact, the more fun you have, the easier it is to remember! You might find yourself doubling or even tripling your ability to remember a list of items.

Who will be teaching?

Ivan has been interested in all things to do with the mind for as long as he can remember! While helping clients from all walks of life overcome anxiety and phobias, the art of memory caught his attention. Over the last ten years, he has traveled the world to learn more about hypnosis, psychology, and coaching. Now he will be sharing what he has learnt about how to improve your memory.