Indian Food Experience

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever wondered what Indian food is really about?

There are so many different questions! Is it just lots of spices or curry powder? It is butter chicken? Why Delhi belly? Is north Indian food different from the south? Is Sri Lankan food the same?

Never fear! We are going to take a tasting tour of Indian food and will demystify, clarify and uncover all your questions and more.

What will we cover?

This introductory class to Indian food will look at:

  • What Indian food really is
  • The main ingredients that are used in Indian food
  • What typical meals are eaten at home
  • What you should order when you go to a restaurant to get the full experience
  • How to eat Indian food the right way

And we’ll do this all by sampling some great food!

Who will be teaching?

Sheenal is an avid lover of all food. She believes that in order to genuinely enjoy food you need to order the right dishes and eat them the right way. She can’t wait to teach you about her native cuisine.