Innovation and Ideas: How to Think Differently

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Everyone talks about innovation – it’s the process of applied new ideas. But most of us ignore creativity, which is the cornerstone of innovation. It is the root and fuel of any innovative process.

We are going look at the nurturing conditions that make innovations (e.g. Uber), inventions (e.g. flash disc) and creative solutions (e.g. Deliveroo) flourish. Then and only then, we can make the right moves towards the implementation of the desired innovative life.

What will we cover?

First, we’ll talk about creativity: what is creativity? And what are the outlets of creativity? Then, we’ll consider incentives and practices, including why we need creativity as the cornerstone of innovation and problem solving.

The next step is to learn to apply this towards thinking ‘outside the box’. We’ll learn about the origin and background of the ‘box’ concept and examples of the box in our lives and work.

Finally, we will look at cultivating the conditions needed for creativity. We’ll think about that we can foster out of the box thinking and harvest creativity.

Who will be teaching?

Roee Elisha profile pictureBeneath & Beyond is the invention of passionate creativity advocate, Roee Elisha. He worked with the Israeli army to develop a novel nighttime taskforce with the military’s K9 dogs unit. Then, he worked Environmental Management across a vast range of industries. He has also been responsible for initiating the Australia Israel Enviro-Tech Hub with the Australian Government. These roles have honed his talent for drawing together people from disparate fields, helping them forge unique collaborations and produce inventive, game-changing solutions to seemingly intractable problems, and thus gain a competitive advantage.