Next Level Guitar Playing

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Do you find yourself strumming the same few chords on your guitar? Do you want to learn a few simple techniques to take your guitar playing up to a whole new level? Then this guitar class is for you.

The Rock God Blueprint is a select combination of rock guitar techniques and musical concepts developed by the greatest rock guitarists in history. This blueprint can be learnt and adopted by anyone and will take your guitar playing ability and understanding to exciting new heights.

What will we cover?

The goal of this workshop is to introduce you to The Rock God Blueprint, with musical examples and creative exercises to help you apply each concept directly into your own playing.

We will explore the foundations of great guitar rhythm and lead playing, the musical influences the rock guitar greats drew from to achieve their signature sounds and the musical techniques and concepts that comprise some of the greatest guitar playing in history.

Please bring your guitar (but no amp) so that you can get involved in the class and start practicing straight away. This guitar class is most suited to people who have played guitar before, all the way up to people with more advanced skills who want to improve their technique and sound.

Who will be teaching?

Dean Luke PhotoDean Luke is a professional rock musician and owner of Classic Rock Guitar Lessons; a Melbourne based guitar studio specialising in rock guitar. He is passionate about helping aspiring rock god’s develop the rock guitar playing ability and knowledge they have always dreamed of and playing electric guitar for long hours at loud volumes. When he isn’t channelling his inner Mr. Shneebly or turning valve amps all the way up to eleven he enjoys reading, playing piano and spending time with loved ones.