Intro to Brush Pen Lettering

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Have you heard? Digital is out, and hand lettering is in! Relive the good old days of creating by hand and discover the fun and addictive craft of brush pen lettering. Whether you want to make your own greeting cards, hand letter wedding or event stationery, have the prettiest post-it note messages in the office or just learn a new hands-on skill, this is the class for you!

What will we cover?

Join Emma from Black Chalk Collective for an interactive workshop and learn the basics of brush pen lettering. You will discover the differences between handwriting and hand lettering, learn the introductory techniques for using a brush pen, build your foundations by practising the staple brush pen strokes, and learn how to piece those strokes together to create letters and words. Participants will be provided with a brush pen to practise with and take home.

Who will be teaching?

Emma WEmma is the Founder and Creative Director of Black Chalk Collective and a self-taught hand letterer from Melbourne. Having previously studied calligraphy, her creative focus then turned to brush pen lettering. Emma spends her free time improving her craft and teaching beginners how to refine their hand lettering skills through Instagram photos, videos, live broadcasts and lessons on her blog.