What is ISIS?

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Islamic State has recently been involved in conflicts in several countries in the Middle East, attracting foreign fighters and according to the newspaper reports, seeking to establish a caliphate state. How can nations tackle an armed ideology? What can be done about it and who should/could/wants to get involved?

What will we cover?

This class will start by looking briefly at Islamic State, its discernible goals and aims and what actions it has taken in the Middle East. We’ll then consider the different approaches that might be taken in response, from individual nation states to the United Nations. We’ll consider what’s feasible or not, why and the reasons why particular responses may or may not be effective. Through scenarios and group discussions, we’ll develop a better understanding about what’s going on and what can (and can’t!) be done about it.

Who will be teaching?

Valeria Coscini has a Masters degree in International and Comparative Law from Monash University and a (nerdy) passion for all things related to international law. When she’s not tracking down the latest international issue she’s probably out writing or hiking somewhere.