Jewellery: Make Your Own Ring

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Do you have a love of the hand-made? What about using your own hands to create a lifelong piece of wearable art?

Jewellery is an expressive art form; exchanged rings are promises of love, commitment, friendship or even solidarity. When created, signs of the artist (or in this case, you!) linger in the metal, and when worn the ring records the life of the recipient. It can be a symbol, a memory and a pretty cool accessory.

In this two-week class you’ll be taught how to make a silver ring from wax using the ‘lost wax process’ – so easy it doesn’t require a torch or a studio full of equipment! And you’ll walk away with a ring designed and made with your very own hands.

What will we cover?

This is a two week class in one of the simplest methods jewellers have used for generations.In the first week you will create and design your very own wax mould of a ring. We’ll take the moulds to be cast and ready for the second week. When you return you’ll learn to work the silver and finish your ring – complete, new and ready for wear! And don’t worry; our teacher is always close at hand if you get stuck or need help with design ideas. Along the way, we will cover:

  • Basic design principles in wearable art
  • The foundations of the lost wax casting process
  • How to make a ring in wax and have it turned into 925 silver
  • How to make your silver ring ready to wear, and you’ll walk away with a ring, designed and made by YOU! Who knows – you may even have the knowledge to do it all again.

Who will be teaching?

Fiona SimmonsFiona Simmons is a local artist and maker with a keen eye for all things silver and gold. With a Bachelor of Fine Art in Gold and Silver smithing at RMIT behind her, she has continued to make and exhibit within Melbourne and her sights are now set further afield.