This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever heard of Silver Needles, Dragon Whiskers or Precious Eyebrows? What is ‘blue’ tea? And how was tea discovered in the first place?

In Melbourne, coffee culture reigns. But even here, tea is becoming more popular. There is high tea, bubble tea, and tea resellers popping up all over the place. Around the world, there are tea sommeliers (yes, really) and nowadays tea is available in almost any flavour you can think of.

Tea also plays a large part within many cultures. In Japan, there is the renowned tea ceremony. In Morocco, hospitality is extended by giving a guest hot tea. In Britain, afternoon tea is considered a part of everyday life. And in America – an incident with tea lead to the American Revolution.

What will we cover?

In the class we will cover:

  • The historical and cultural significance of tea
  • Black, blue, green, yellow and white tea, tisanes and herbal tea.
  • The health benefits of tea

All this combined with a comprehensive tea tasting! (including ‘teagria’).

Who will be teaching?

Kimberley HayKimberley Hay has been drinking tea since she was born, and perhaps even before that. When travelling she will spend her time trawling markets for local brews. Her favourite is the Lao green tea that has sticks in it. If you’re lucky she’ll bring some along.