Journalism: The Importance of the 5Ws (&H)

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Ever wondered how a story made it into your morning newspaper?

Welcome to the amazing world of journalism, a profession that “governs forever and ever” (said Oscar Wild). But what’s involved you ask? We will be asking the questions:

  • Who creates a story – an editor, a journo, the public or the weather?
  • What is the core difference between TV, radio and print journalism?
  • When there is a big event, do journalists get their tickets for free?
  • Where do media people get all their information from?
  • Why do journalists work to deadlines but are always running late?
  • How one journo can tell one story in 5 different ways?

What will we cover?

Your deadline will be 75 minutes – by the end of it you’ll supply your story to the editor.
We’ll all make our own top-notch interviews and see if there are any radio stars amongst us by doing a little voice training. Some will become commercial journos some will go with the government funded channels learning different approaches, news coverage and the questions that are asked.

Who will be teaching?

OlgaWriting stories for magazines was Olga’s school holiday fun in Russia since she was 13. It has never been a question for her what career she wanted to pursue. Covering the largest Electronic show in Las Vegas during her first year at Uni and interviewing heads of the world largest corporations made it clear she wouldn’t step off the path. Moving to Australia and keeping the profession was a challenge she stubbornly tried to overcome that finally led her to a position at SBS. She covered the G20 Summit in Brisbane and was the only Australian media who got to Putin’s press conference and asked a question.