Winter Woolies: Knitting 101

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Stave off the winter weather with your very own handmade woolies. We will learn to knit and get the basics down so you can be sporting your own scarf, hat and gloves combo in no time!

What will we cover?

We’ll cover the very basics of knitting including how to cast on (or get started), two different type of stitches (called knit and purl) and how to cast off (or finish your knitting).

We’ll also have a quick look at how to choose needles and wool that work together, when you might choose to use your different stitches and how to read knitting patterns so you won’t be stuck knitting scarves for the rest of time!

Please bring your own needles and yarn (fatter needles and chunky yarn are easier to learn with) or if you would like us to provide materials then please choose the ‘with wool and needles’ option when paying.

Who will be teaching?

Lucie in a boxLucie Bradley is a chemistry PhD student by day and a Jill of all trades by night. She was just a little girl when she was first taught to knit by her grandmother (who was also kind enough to cast on, cast off and pick up all the dropped stitches for her) but later it was her mum and the internet that gave her a refresher knitting class. She practised her skills knitting Christmas stockings whilst on the bus to and from work and has since added a few more things to the list of knits.