Knots Away! Self Massage

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Do you find yourself needing to work out the aches and pains after a day in the office or an afternoon on the sports field?

Why not try a bit of self-massage? Guaranteed to loosen the muscles up and feel amazing!

What will we cover?

We will cover the basics of how to self massage forearms, hands, necks and shoulders. Including:

  • Where to find the good spots and what to do with “knots” when you do,
  • Self care tools the experts recommend to help with repetition and fatigue,
  • Stretches for when you’re too tired to stretch,
  • Some theory about how these 3 areas hang together and affect one another through daily use.

It’s not a substitute for remedial therapy but it will make you feel pretty great! And you’ll go home with some materials to keep up the good work.

Please wear a top with short sleeves or ones that can be rolled up past the elbow comfortably.

Who will be teaching?

ClaireClare developed a fascination with the human form and function through life drawing, dance and being unco at sports which lead her to roll up her sleeves and get hands on. She has been a Myotherapist for 5 years since arriving in Melbourne from the UK in 2007 to study it here. In her spare time she reads books about neuroplasticity and is collaborating to develop a mindfulness based chronic pain management program. Find out more on Facebook.