Kokedama: An Old Japanese Botanic Art

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Kokedama are likened to bonsai; small, trained gardens for the home but with one major difference. Set in a freestanding ball of green, moss-covered soil rather than planted in a pot, kokedama are individual ornamental plants that, when hung up, appear as small and verdant floating planets.

Kokedama are a beautiful way to bring greenery into your home and are ideal for apartments or flats with minimal space.

What will we cover?

The class will cover the messy (but fun) process and design aesthetics of making kokedama. For your time and efforts not only will you take home a complete kokedama but also the skills to make as many of your own as you can squeeze in your home!

Who will be teaching?

Emi WhyteEmi Whyte’s dual background in architecture and all things Japanese, fuelled by a love of the kitsch and quirky, has spurred on an adventure in bringing the outside in through micro-gardens; bonsai, terrariums and of course kokedama. A firm believer in green-living and sustainable ecologies, Emi has spent the past year showing others how to bring joy, beauty and health into their homes.