Kung Fu: Simple, Effective Self-Defence for Everyone

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

Kung Fu, is it all Bruce Lee or Kung Fu Panda? It’s actually an umbrella term that is often used for lots of different Chinese martial arts.

The Wing Chun Kung Fu martial arts system is a great way to defend yourself without using brute strength. It’s also a martial art that doesn’t require high levels of physical fitness.

What will we cover?

We will cover the philosophy, basic principles and the movements of the martial arts system.

The system uses set principles, concepts and techniques that can help you build confidence in defence. It can be particularly useful for those who are not physically strong.

You will learn how to improve your stance and apply useful defensive actions to protect yourself. We will apply the theory taught by practising techniques in pairs, such as blocking various punches and escaping arm grabs. By the end of the session you should have more confidence and gained a new practical skill.

You should bring an open mind and wear comfortable shoes and clothes, but please note that this will not be an intense work out.

Who will be teaching?

Chris Huang profile pictureChris Huang has been training Wing Chun for 7 years. He is highly passionate about this martial art having experienced the benefits of what it has to offer. These include increased confidence, useful self-defence skills and the physical and mental health benefits that come along with it.