Learn to Knit with Andrea

This class has passed
This class has passed

It’s Winter again and time for a warm new hobby. How about knitting! People have been wearing hand-knitted garments for around a thousand years! And it’s still a useful, practical and rewarding skill and style.

The first hurdle is to learn some beginner stitches, and casting on and off (starting and finishing your piece of knitting). Even if your knitting journey starts and ends with these beginner stitches, you’ll have a rewarding knitting time.

This class is for absolute beginners! So whether you are brand new to knitting, or need to shake the dust off those needles, Andrea will have you knitting in no time.

In this class we’ll use the chunky approach: thick wool and large needles. The process is the same as regular knitting but the thick needles and yarns make it much easier to visualise and learn the stitches.

What will we cover?

We’ll be learning:

  • How to cast on
  • Knit stitch
  • Purl stitch
  • Casting off
  • Different size needles
  • Different types of yarns


  • Wheelchair Accessible Venue
  • Gender Neutral Bathrooms
  • Quiet Spaces
  • Early Bird Cheap Tickets
  • Auslan Interpreted Upon Request

Who will be teaching?

    Andrea (she/her) collects crafts and hobbies, and has a particular fondness for fibrecrafts. She has been knitting since she was 10 years old, and over the past few years has added embroidery and needle feltingto the regular rotation – with spinning and weaving to come next!

    She has two ragdoll cats, a small army of houseplants, and loves teaching others her passions.

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    Photo by Miriam Alonso via Pexels.

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