Life Line Cords: An Intro To Japanese Kumihimo Braiding with Vivian

This class has passed
This class has passed

Wherever the artist Vivian Qiu travels – sitting on the train, watching over a lake – she braids in the sound, smell and the essence of that place. In this way the Life Line Cord captures life’s moments, stories and body sensation.

Join her and learn the technique of Japanese Kumihimo braiding. It’s a traditional Japanese artform of braiding threads into cords for garments or decoration. 

Through Vivian’s meditative approach, whatever
your body is feeling is recorded directly into this ‘Life Line’ cord. This braiding is something you can for some quiet time, while having a
conversation with yourself, or something you can do with your hands while chatting away with friends. 

This class is suitable for absolute beginners. All material is included.

What we will cover?

In this workshop you will learn the Japanese Kumihimo technique of braiding.

Kumihimo literally meaning “gathered threads”. You’ll learn to use a special tool to guide your braiding.

Learn the steps the begin a braid and finish off a braid, and the main braiding technique. This means you can begin a project in class and continue as long as you like, knowing how to finish off a project when you’re done. And then repeat! You might find you have a new meditative hobby!


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      Who will be teaching?

      Vivian Qiu (she/her) is a sentimental jewellery designer. She holds a Bachelor (Honours) degree in Fashion Design in RMIT. Her jewellery practice focuses on reflective designing based on emotions, stories, and memories. 

      She explores a variety of non-traditional materials in her practice, including rice fabric created by herself, recycled electrical wires, treated fabric and so on.

      She has been running creative hands-on workshops since 2015. She has worked with Signal, City of Melbourne, Geelong Wool Museum, and Immigration Museum.  You can follow her on Instagram.

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