Live Looping on your iPhone

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

The exciting art of Live Looping has become widely and cheaply available due to the smartphone revolution, heralding a new age of musical mass participation. Picture yourself jamming away on the tram to work, or instantly auditioning a melody that’s come to you in the bath… it’s simpler than you might think.

What will we cover?

Looping requires a specialised recording device which captures a sequence of sound, and faithfully cycles the sequence, allowing you to add layers, solo over the top, or bliss out to its mantra-like quality… We’ll be investigating the elegant Loopy App (Apple iOS only – sorry), a very affordable performance-quality looper created by one of Melbourne’s own. After being introduced to the app and the foundational tenets of looping, there will be time to put on headphones and gather around a device to get Loopy!

Who will be teaching?

Kitchen CouchHaving considered himself a folk musician for most of ten years, Joe Oppenheimer is a relatively new convert to digital music. However, his passion for musical exploration has led him to the outer limits of what’s possible with today’s technology. Joe gigs and tours regularly with his PsyFolk solo act, and is currently teaching Electro-Acoustic Performance at the School of Synthesis in Prahan.