Lockdown Lemons: Desserts & Cocktails with Simon (Online)

This class has passed
This class has passed

Something we seem to have an excess of lately are lockdowns and lemons…  So let’s put the extra time at home and those extra lemons to use in 3 creative ways!

Simon is back to show us an amazing lemon dessert, a special lemon ingredient called “oleo saccharum” and finally some lemon focused cocktails. When life give you lockdown lemons…. 

What will we cover?

In this class we will: 

  • Make an unbelievably simple 3 ingredient lemon dessert that’s impressive and delicious (cream, sugar, fresh lemons)
  • Make a special ingredient called oleo saccharum to use in your next cocktail, punch bowl, hot tea, iced tea or drizzled on icecream.
  • Make some lemon focused cocktails with gin or whiskey.  Don’t buy anything special as long as you have at least one from each group below. 

What will we need?

For the lemon pots: (serves 2-4).  Will require 4-8 hours refrigeration before serving.

  • 300ml regular thickened cream.  The kind you use to make whipped cream. (*not* single cream, not pouring cream, not light thickened cream, not sour cream, not double cream)
  • White sugar. Caster or granulated regular table sugar is ok.
  • 2 x fresh lemons
  • Equipment: medium saucepan/pot, digital scale, measuring cup or jug, peeler or zester/microplane, stirring spoor or silicon spatula, some pretty glasses/cups (bigger than egg cup, smaller than wine glass).

    For the cocktails:

    • Lemons!
    • Lots of fresh ice
    • Something to shake with (cocktail shaker, sealed drink bottle, tightly lidded jam jar)
    • Strainer
    • Cocktail measure, jigger or tea/table spoons
    • Something from Group A
    • Something from Group B 
    • Optional extras: fresh egg, can of chickpeas, cocktail bitters eg. Angostura, soda water, champagne, red wine

    Group A – Alcohol

    • Gin
    • Whiskey – Scotch, bourbon, rye etc. Blended is fine but you can use single malt if you like.  Smokey/peated is also fine if you like.

    Group B – sweetener

    • Sugar (white or raw or brown)
    • Maple syrup
    • Agave syrup
    • Honey
    • Orange liqueur eg. Cointreau, Grand Marnier, triple sec, orange curaçao


    • Closed Captions
    • Early Bird Cheap Tix
    • Free Tix for First Nation Attendees
    • Auslan Interpreter Upon Request

    Who will be teaching?

    Simon began adult life disliking alcohol in all forms after repeated unsuccessful attempts to be friends with beer, rum/coke and tequila sunrises.  But a chance encounter with a vodka, lime and soda was his gateway drink into a classic daiquiri at the famed cocktail bar Der Raum.  Since then Simon become an avid barfly visiting cocktail bars around the world in Europe, America, Asia, NZ and Australia as well as being good friends with gin, rum, whiskey and wheat beers.  More recently Simon has been creating at-home cocktail experiences and teaching friends to make tasty drinks all around the world whether it’s a Melbourne balcony, a villa in Tuscany, an apartment in Paris or on a sailing boat in San Francisco Bay.

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