Look Fabulous in Any Photograph

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about?

We all love to look our best, but even if we feel amazing the camera isn’t always kind.

We’re going to help you feel more attractive in every photo from now on! No matter who takes the shot or what camera they use, where you are, or how made up you are. Use these tips whenever you see a camera pointed your way.

What will we cover?

Do you hate it when somebody takes a photo of you? Have you got photos (and selfies) you hate to see because you feel that you don’t look good? It probably makes you wonder how all those models manage to be so damn photogenic. Even if you love the way you look in person (or if you don’t), it takes practise to make sure you come across the same way in a photo.

The good news: being photogenic is just a skill and everybody can learn it.

This interactive course will help you to understand the basics of posing in front of a camera. You will learn how you can go from looking average in an image to becoming highly photogenic! No matter your gender, shape or size, you will learn how to stand, sit, smile and much more, to create stunning images of yourself.

Who will be teaching?

Carmen profile pictureCarmen Mair is a portrait photographer and body image coach and the founder of Carmen Mair Coaching & Photography. She knows what beautiful looks like and she can see your beauty. She knows how to bring it forward and to capture it with her camera. She also knows what it’s like to be a woman who struggles to see her own beauty. That’s why she made it her mission to show you how to create the most beautiful portraits you have ever seen. Her coaching and photography sessions have a holistic approach that empowers people to develop a positive body image, overcome fear and improve self-esteem. Her portraits feature mostly women, teenagers and children. You can follow Carmen on Facebook and Instagram.