Creative Writing via Love Letters

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s is all about?

In a society obsessed with social media and overwhelmed by digital content, the art of writing letter – yes, with an actual pen and paper – indeed seems dated and inefficient. Yet there is something so special about receiving a letter, especially when it comes from someone important in your life. The physical touch of the paper and the pigment of the pen’s ink; to the deeply unique strokes of the writer’s handwriting and the joy of opening the envelope to uncover the mysterious message inside. Letter-writing is an art and a feeling; that which cannot be replaced by a culture of scrolling, swiping and double-tapping for likes – an experience much more contained and unique for the writer, as it is for the intended reader. The written word still retains its power, even in this digital age and perhaps letters even in their ‘novelty’, are needed now more than ever to help us better understand ourselves, re-connect with people and ultimately, provide the human touch in a tech- driven world.

What will we cover?

The goal of this class is to help you write a meaningful letter to someone special in your life. You will be provided 25 minutes of class time to create your love letter and if you provide an address, Laneway Learning will be happy to mail your completed letter on your behalf.

In this workshop-style class you will also:

  • Read and discuss famous love letters throughout history
  • Learn mindfulness exercises to kickstart your writing
  • Learn language techniques and creative writing strategies
  • Have the opportunity to share and listen to personal stories

Who will be teaching?

Eira profile pictureEira Joy Aringay is a writer, musician and creative entrepreneur. After a decade of working in the commercial media and marketing industries, Eira left the corporate world to do more meaningful work and further explore her passions for writing and music.  With experience across various communication roles throughout her career, Eira soon realised just how much of an impact words have in our professional and personal lives. It then became her goal to help people harness their creativity through the power of words to unlock purpose and find fulfilment.

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