Make-Up Basics: Busting the Confusing Cosmetic World

This class has passed
This class has passed

What’s it all about

Do you find yourself unable to find the right foundation colour for your skin tone? Are you struggling to apply eye make-up without looking like you’ve ended up in a boxing match with Mike Tyson? Fear not! This class is about how to do your make-up with what you already own, how to buy make-up and also determine what is suitable and what is not for your unique features.

What will we cover

Some fundamental yet easy techniques will be shown to you. You will be able to then copy and practise on yourself with guidance.

  • What kinds of make-up is out there and what do I need?
  • What skin tone am I and how do I match foundation to buy?
  • How do I apply foundation?
  • How to apply basic eye make-up
  • Easy tips to enhance natural beauty with make-up

Who will be teaching

Cat Timpano is known for her OTT make-up techniques and dressing up in weird costumes hanging out around Melbourne. She is an experienced Special FX Make up Artist, but decided to change careers and become a Composer and Sound Engineer for Film and Television instead. Her trademark style can be spotted on blogs and as a model for UK cosmetics brand, Illamasqua. You can check out her work for both make-up and music here.  Or you can follow her on Instagram.